The Overnighter, developed and tested over a period of 18 months, is designed as the perfect bag to accompany a trip away. Designed to hold your laptop and chargers as well as a change of clothes and personal items, the bag was conceived to provide the functional aspects of a modern laptop bag with the aesthetics and quality of a timeless suitcase. It is sized to comply with all major international airline hand luggage restrictions, including the low cost carriers, whilst also being comfortable to carry over or across the shoulder. Ideal for travelling, the compartments also provide commuters with a one bag solution for gym or sport wear and a day at the office. Below are some of the features which make the Overnighter the travelling companion of choice;

Easy access, padded laptop compartment
The laptop compartment, sandwiched between the two larger sections, is also fully padded on the bottom and sides. The top zipper provides quick access to your laptop or tablet, ideal for passing through airport security. The generous internal dimension will accommodate up to a 17″ laptop, but the design ensures a snug, safe fit for most devices.



A change of clothes packed flatly and separately
The signature feature of the Overnighter is that it can be opened laid flat on its side as well as when it is positioned upright. With the bag horizontal, you can access the the clothing compartment, which provides a dedicated space to buckle in a change of clothes (or a warmer layer) flatly and hidden away until required.



Multi-purpose back compartment
The back compartment is accessed with the bag upright. The inside has elasticated pockets, designed to accommodate all sorts of objects like sunglasses and cables and even fits a change of footwear. The opposite side provides pockets for other smaller items like cards, pens and coins.



Handle construction
The design allows for the handles to always stay in place without obstructing access to any compartment. With a double tube construction the seam is hidden away and so there are no exposed edges which might provide discomfort.



Luxury padded leather shoulder strap
The padded shoulder strap is fixed in position with adjustable buckles each side. Designed with comfort as the foremost criteria, it is reversible and reinforced with rivets for additional strength.



Luxury materials and hardware
The materials have been selected for their performance and beauty from leading European manufacturers. Our leather is vegetable tanned cow leather from Italy, made using traditional techniques… The main outer fabric is British cotton canvas which is water resistant yet soft to touch. The zips are Superlampos from Italy, famous for their smooth running. Read the full description of the materials used in the Overnighter here